First Suzuki tests on our BSC 60 Open

We are happy to share with you the articles from the Gazzetta and Nautica, in which the brand new Suzuki Micro-Plastic Collector is presented.

This engine represents a real innovation in the nautical world. Inside its cooling circuit is a device for filtering and collecting micro-plastics.

The engine uses water for its cooling, sucking the water in through a special pump. Before being discharged, the suctioned water passes through this additional circuit equipped with a filter for microplastics, is filtered and then returned to the environment.
In one hour, the Suzuki Micro-Plastic Collector manages to filter 2,400 litres of water!

The device in Italy was tested for the first time in Veneto. The dealer Nautica Polesana di Matteo Pancaldi used our BSC 60 Open rib powered by a Suzuki DF140A.

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